Sold in 4-packs.  In each of the 4 cells in the 4-pack, there are multiple little beet seedlings.  This is because each beet “seed” actually contains more than one seed!  To plant our Assorted Fun Pack of beets, DO NOT separate the plants in each cell into individual seedlings!  Plant each of the 4 cells INTACT about 4-5” apart in the row, with rows about 10-12” apart.  The beets will grow in little groups of 2 or 3, pushing each other out of the way underground.  For best results, keep soil evenly moist (do not allow to dry out!), and provide light shade if possible, to keep these cool-season crops cool while they grow in our late summer heat.  Fertilize weekly with a dilute mix of fish emulsion and liquid kelp (aka seaweed) to promote quick growth and healthy plants.  Will overwinter under protection such as low tunnel hoop house or cold frame

Beets - Assorted Fun Pack

Beets - Assorted Fun Pack

This assorted fun pack includes 2 varieties:  Detroit Dark Red and Golden Detroit.  Excell..


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